Vine Server 3.0 Beta (ehemals OSXVnc)

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    hab bisher nix gefunden zum Thema, daher dachte ich mir ich machs mach publik hier:
    Sehr interessant, funktioniert jetzt auch unter Leopard UND endlich kann man lokale Tastatursettings nutzen, sprich zB Deutsches Layout mit Umlauten wird übertragen. ich finds super ...

    Full Screen Mode
    International Keyboard Support
    Leopard Compatibility Fixes
    Simplified Server Interface
    UltraVNC Login Support

    Known Issues:
    International Interfaces haven't been converted, BETA is English only
    Leopard- There are problems using the new keyboard mechanics in off-Screen Accounts
    Leopard- The Unicode Keyboard requires that you manually add and select that keyboard
    Leopard- System Server provides access to the Login Window and the first login ONLY. It does not follow Fast-User-Switching (as it does on Tiger) -- we are working to solve this for now we recommend Desktop servers if you want to use FUS.

    Specific Release Notes:
    New Full Screen Mode
    UltraVNC authentication
    Added a basic control panel
    Moved settings to a dedicate Preference Pane.
    Moved "View Log" and "Reverse Connection" to menus/sheets
    Added external IP lookup and ability to verify access to your VNC server from detected IPs
    Always allow a server restart from the UI
    Panel to prevent accidentally quitting Vine Server when users are connected

    Better IP and DNS resolution so that initial startup is not delayed (as can happen on Leopard)
    Added LaunchD support for the System Server on 10.4 and 10.5
    Fixed a Leopard issue with displaying an extra icon
    Added better versioning (AVS)

    VNC Server
    Added support for Unicode keyboard (10.4+)
    Added support to detect keyboard type (10.4+)
    Added support to control where events enter the system (Event Taps) (10.4+)
    Fixed a bug auto-detecting the proper port when SSH-only was checked.
    Fixed a lockup problem in the OSXvnc-server process that could occur with Rich Clipboard Support enabled.
    Fixed a problem repeatedly trying to send an empty clipboard buffer.
    Fixed a bug with restoring otherArguments from defaults

    The new beta can be downloaded here - Vine 3.0 Public Beta