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  1. jolanda

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    ich möchte mich jetzt endlich mal mit Mac OS auseinandersetzen. Bis jetzt habe ich recht fundierte Linux Erfahrungen (Administration, bash/AWK Skripting, etc) Um mich tiefer in Sachen Linux einzuarbetien habe ich seiner Zeit den "Kofler" gelsen, und kam damit sehr gut zurecht.

    Könnt Ihr mir gute Mac OS Literatur empfehlen?

    Vielen Dank, Jolanda
  2. DPSG-Scout

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    Du weißt, dass OS X auf Free BSD basiert und auch ein Terminal hat? Somit trifft eigentlich alles von Linux auch auf OS X zu.

    Zu Büchern... Die meisten Sachen befassen sich mit der Bedienung von OS X. Falls du etwas zum Systemaufbau von OS X suchst, schau dir die Apple Developer Homepage an.

    oder warum nicht einfach zum kostenlosen Apple Seminar gehen? :)

    Von: Apple Developer Connection <>
    Datum: 8. März 2006 18:59:19 MEZ
    Betreff: Get your application running on Intel-based Macs.
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    Dear Developer,

    You are invited to attend a Universal Application Workshop hosted by
    the Apple Developer Connection. This free, three-hour briefing will
    go in-depth, covering effective methods for creating Mac OS X
    applications that run on both PowerPC and Intel-based Macs, as well
    as step-by-step instructions for adopting Xcode, the Apple tool
    suite and integrated development environment for building universal

    During the briefing, you may also bring your software to a mobile
    compatibility lab to test your application on a new Intel-based
    Macintosh system and consult with an Apple engineer about specific
    issues you encounter. Please note that lab resources are limited and
    space will be available on a first-come, first served basis.

    Universal Application Workshops are scheduled for the following
    dates and locations. For each given date, you may register to attend
    either a morning session beginning at 8:30 or an identical afternoon
    session beginning at 13:30.

    17 March 2006: Paris, FRANCE
    20 March 2006: Milan, ITALY
    22 March 2006: Zurich, SWITZERLAND
    24 March 2006: Munich, GERMANY
    27 March 2006: Cologne, GERMANY
    29 March 2006: Berlin, GERMANY
    03 April 2006: Oslo, NORWAY
    05 April 2006: Copenhagen, DENMARK
    07 April 2006: Stockholm, SWEDEN
    11 April 2006: Amsterdam, THE NETHERLANDS
    26 April 2006: London, UNITED KINGDOM

    There is no enrollment fee for this workshop. Current ADC members
    are invited to register for the event of their choice at:


    Upon receipt of your reservation, if space is available you will be
    sent a confirmation email with further details. The confirmation
    email guarantees your place this workshop.

    Best regards,

    Apple Developer Connection

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    1 Infinite Loop, MS 303-3DM, Cupertino, CA 95014.

    All Rights Reserved

    This event is intended for Apple Developer Connection members only.
    Interested developers who are not currently ADC members must first
    join ADC by visiting ( and then proceed to
    to register separately for a Universal Application Workshop at

    Presentations will be held in English.

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