Looking for mdt ram in Heidelberg

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  1. >ryu<

    >ryu< Gast

    ich spreche nicht deutsch :mad:
    i would like to buy mdt ram in a shop here in heidelberg, anyone knows where?

    thanks to help a stranger :) !

    unfortunately, i tried on many "online" shops but they are all in german :-c
  2. Rhinhold

    Rhinhold Jerseymac

    Dabei seit:
    Welcome to Apfeltalk.de, ryu!

    Well, I'm living in Heidelberg, but don't know any shop, which sells RAM for Mac's like the Macbook. Most shops like MediaMarkt and other are offering only normal DDR-RAM for big Computers.

    I think, you'll have to order MDT RAM from the internet, if you realy wanna it.
    So, my offer to you: I could invite you in the order-process of the internet-shop "vibuonline.de". There I have got my RAM for 2 weeks.
    Also the price is maybe the best one on the market.

    Nice greetings,
  3. >ryu<

    >ryu< Gast

    thanks a lot for you help,
    just now i understand that apfel means apple :-D and this is not forum for my notebook.
    the pc that needs new ram is not a mac, is a notebook, so again, any possibilities to find sodimm mdt ram in a hardware store here?..i cannot imagine that here in heidelberg there are just shop like mediamarkt and so on.
    Anyway, i tried already on a on-line shop but they are completely in german :eek:
    hoping someone can help me :)
  4. Rhinhold

    Rhinhold Jerseymac

    Dabei seit:
    Hi rya,

    well, the So-Dimm RAM you need for your notebook is the same you would need for MacBooks, isn't it?
    So, the best way to get this RAM is to order it from an e-shop like vibuonline.de!

    I can't imagine MediaMarkt and MediMaxx have this RAM Model you need. Maybe the ARTL-Shop near Bismark square is capable to order it for you. But I'm sure, it would be more expensive than that one at vibuonline.de.

    My offer for helping you through the online-ordering is already hold. So, it's your decision.

    Greetings! :)