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Logitech K380 bluetooth Probleme unter Win10 (Boot Camp)


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Hallo Apfelgemeinde,
wollte den Beitrag hier nur posten da er vielleicht den einen oder anderen betrifft.

Ich weiss er ist auf schlechtem Englisch aber vielleicht hilft er jemanden...
Habe ihn auch auf der Logitech Seite gepostet, weiss aber nicht ob er dort erscheinen wird.


first of all i will say that my english is not the best but i will give it a chance because i believe that could reach more people.

Yesterday i bought a K380 Keyboard, because i wanted to have this Windows - Apple Layout.

My Setup is :
Macbook Pro 15" Retina mid 2015 / OSX High Sierra / Bootcamp vers. 6.0 and Win10

First i startet with OSX and the Keyboard paired immediately !
Than i switched to Win 10 (bootcamp) and couldn't connect the K380 via bluetooth.
I could see the Keyboard, but if i clicked the pair button nothing happened...

I search in like 10-15 forum, deinstalled the apple Broadcom Bluetooth Driver... no chance.....

Today i called Logitech and they sended me a stupid email notification like this:

So than i went back to "Saturn", where i bought the keyboard and talk with the guy there about the problem.

I tried a new wrapped K380 and started this time with Win 10. And voila Win 10 could see the K380 and asked me for the first time for the pairing key (the numbers)

After i tipped the numbers everything went well and i could use the K380


Than i tried it in Mac OS X and everything went well....

After i went back to Windows and the K380 worked again ( on the same F1-pairing button).

Than i eject the keyboard with his settings in the device manager from Win10 to test if its possible to pair the keyboard again.
And now it wasn't possible to connect the k380 again. The system saw the K380 but i couldn't pair the keyboard.

That brings me to the point that it should be a buck in win10 or Logitech.
Win10 saves some data or pairing information and if you choose another F1-3 button the pairing data is somewhere in the system or registry and win10 tries all the time the get the same pairing data.

It could be although that this buck belongs to Logitech. Like the K380 saves something on the microprocessor or eprom what else and tries to connect after ejecting the bluetooth device in the device manager... I DONT NOW.

After this problem shooting, the seller (the guy from the store) gave me another K380 and i went home and started with me knowledge again.
I startet with Win10 than MacOSX and until now it works...

I hope that i can use the k380 now for a while and I hope there will be a patch from Logitech to fix this stupid problem...

If someone have a idea what the problem could be i would be thankful to get any informations.

If the community will solve this problem it would be nice if Logitech spend some money for a good project in the world, because normally its their job to find this problems and to help us, because we pay them for it.


yours tests