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Ein Bayer Schreibt zur NASA

Dieses Thema im Forum "Café" wurde erstellt von ninjakind, 16.01.09.

  1. ninjakind

    ninjakind Empire

    Dabei seit:
    Dieser Text ist einfach geil! Ich hab mich gekrümmt vor lachen ;)

    Greet God, I write you, because you must help me. I have seen your
    Space Shuttle in the television. And so came me the idea to make
    holidays in the world-room. Alone. Without my crazy wife. I am the
    Kraxlhuber. The King of Bavaria was my clock-clock grandfather. I
    stand on a very bad foot with my wife. Always she shouts with me.
    She has a shrill voice like a circle saw. She lets no good hair at
    me. She says I am a Schlapp-tail. She wants that I become
    Bürgermaster. But I want not be Bürgermaster. I have nothing at
    the hat with the political shit. I want my Ruah. And so I want
    make holidays on the moon. Wizhout my bad half.But I take my dog
    with me. He is a boxer. His name is Wurstl. So I want book a
    flight in your next Space Shuttle. But please give me not a window
    place. I would kotz you the rocket full, because I am not swindle-
    free. And no standing-place please... And please do not tell my
    wife that I want go alone. She has a big Shrot-gun. She would make
    a sieve from my ass. I need not much comfort. A nice double-room
    with bath and kloo and heating. And windows with look to the
    earth. So I can look through my farglass and see my wife working
    on the potatoe field. And I and my dog laugh us a branch ( häha).
    We will kringel ourself before laughing ( höhöhöhö)! Is what loose
    on the moon? I need worm weather and I hope the sun shines every
    day. This is very good for my frost-boils. With friendly Servus

    Mfg -- Tom
  2. dewey

    dewey Gewürzluiken

    Dabei seit:
    fun thread!
  3. julien1204

    julien1204 Oberdiecks Taubenapfel

    Dabei seit:
    loooool :-D
  4. walksunix

    walksunix Spartan

    Dabei seit:
    Echt krass :-D

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