Adium Update Version 1.3.2 verfügbar

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    ab heute 10.09.2008 ist die Version 1.3.2 verfügbar.

    Version 1.3.2 (10/9/2008) SVN Revision: [25330]

    Changes Since 1.3.1
    -Switched MSN implementation to Libpurple's recent addition of MSNP15: Fixes display pictures, offline messages, and the "Now Playing" status
    -Fixed 1-2 pixel overlap of contact list by its toolbar (#10074)
    -Fixed escaping of the ' and ? characters for IPv6 Addresses (#11031)
    -Fixed MSN personal messages being set to the status (ie: away, busy) (#10814)
    -Fixed contact visibility issues (#10917)
    -Fixed OTR messages to use the display name rather than UID (#10070)
    -Fixed 'Lips Are Sealed' emoticon in the Adiumy emoticon set (#10996)
    -Fixed contacts showing in incorrect group after combining (#11033)
    -Show existing status message in status change window, rather than previous (#11034)
    -New 'Bookmark Group Chat' and 'File Transfer' icons (#11030)
    -Fixed Yahoo frequently disconnecting (#11097)
    -Fixed hang when sending two consecutive messages (#11074)
    -Fixed drop shadow in Stockholm and Gone Dark message styles (#9178) (#9480)
    -Fixed visual artifacts in Smooth Operator message style (#10101)
    -Fixed problems when linkifying URLs that contained an unescaped % character (#11059)
    -Libpurple: Fixed a crash when parsing DNS-lookup responses with certain routers (p#7242)
    -Localization updates

    Das Update erscheint beim Start von Adium und ist ca 23 MB groß.

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