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Immer wieder erhalten wir Fragen zur Wahl des richtigen Podcatchers. Die Antwort ist einfach: Den gibt es nicht, das hängt viel zu sehr vom jeweiligen Anwendungsfall ab. In der heutigen Folge will ich Castro Plus vorstellen – ein Podcatcher, der ein großes Update erhielt. 
Castro ist seit einiger Zeit ein durchaus beliebter Podcatcher, das Angebot ist kürzlich auf ein Abomodell umgestiegen. Castro punktet mit einem frischen eigenen Ansatz und bietet die Möglichkeit, auch lokale Audiodateien hinzuzufügen. Seit Kurzem wird der Sync mit der Apple Watch unterstützt.

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All your favorite podcasts on your wrist.

Watch sync frees you up to listen completely untethered from your iPhone. Whether you’re out on a run, your kids have your phone during a road trip, or you just want to go phoneless for a while to minimise distractions, Castro’s Watch Sync has your favorite shows ready to listen.


The magic of Castro is in the queue, a wonderful place to set your listening on autopilot without clogging your phone with unwanted downloads. With Queue Auto Sync, Castro mirrors your listening between devices and automatically has what’s next ready to listen whenever you need it. You can limit synced episodes to the next 10, 20, or 30 in your Queue.

Episodes will sync to your watch when you’re on wifi, and will sync fastest when your watch is charging. You can kick off syncing any time from Settings > Watch Sync > Sync to Watch Now


See an episode in your queue you’d like to take with you? Any downloaded episode that isn’t already on your watch will have a Send to Watch button at the ready.


Not into syncing? Castro can now stream episodes in your queue straight from the watch over wifi or cellular.


Whether you’re listening on your phone or from your watch you can now control playback speed from the watch app. Neat.


Castro Plus subscribers running iOS 13 and watchOS 6 can get Watch Sync by downloading this update and turning on Watch Sync in Settings. Enjoy!


– Support for the following watch face complications: “Graphic Bezel”, “Graphic Circular”, “Graphic Corner”
– New haptic feedback when dragging and dropping episodes
– Fixed a bug with rearranging episodes in the queue on iOS 13.2
– Fixed a few different crashes that could happen when restoring from a backup
– CarPlay should resume properly after using Siri now
– Castro Plus pitch screen now includes a slide about hiding promoted content
– Promoted posts in discovery shouldn’t swap out unexpectedly any more
– Fresh App Store installs shouldn’t need “Restore Purchases” any more if Castro Plus subscription is still valid
– Fix for sending logs to support to help with debugging issues
– Text in discovery features now supports italic and bold formatting, how very 1990s of us (blinking text is as of yet unsupported)

‎Castro Podcast Player
‎Castro Podcast Player
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