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    hiess das nicht "popcorn"? itms will grad nicht o_O
    joey23 gefällt das.
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    :oops: hätt nicht gedacht, dass es so viele versionen gibt

    Gershon Kingsley Popcorn (LP version) (2:24)listen
    Popcorn (7" version) (2:18)listen Look The original, it's quite different from the Hot Butter version. The single version has some extra effects.

    First Moog Quartet Popcorn (2:36)Listen The basis of all Popcorns to come
    Hot Butter Popcorn (2:34)Listen Look The version we all know and love
    Popcorn Makers Popcorn (2:33)Listen Look Faithfull to the Hot Butter version.
    Mr. K Popcorn (version 1) (2:34)Listen Look
    Popcorn (version 2) (2:45)Listen Look There are 2 different versions from Mr. K's adaptation, but it's not printed on the sleeve. One has a "trumpet" sound as lead, the other the familiar popcorn melody sound.
    Anarchic System Popcorn (vocal version) (3:15)Listen Look
    Popcorn (instrumental) (3:51)Listen The first Popcorn with vocals, the guy sounds a bit drunk, though.
    > lyrics
    The Fantastic Pikes Popcorn (2:27)Listen
    Los Pekenikes Palomitas De Maiz (Popcorn) (2:33)Listen
    Rod Hunter Popcorn (2:56)Listen Look
    Ladi Geisler Popcorn (1:04)Listen Part of a long track with guitar covers
    Apollo 100 Popcorn (2:42)Listen A combination of Anarchic System's instrumental and vocal mix.
    Frank Valdor & Singers Popcorn (2:35)Listen The chorus is vocal. The same words as Apollo 100/Anarchic System use there
    La Strana Societa Popcorn (2:30)Listen
    The Hot Cats Popcorn (2:29)Listen
    Antoine Popcorn (2:25)Listen (with French lyrics) Look
    Popcorn (2:18)Listen (with German lyrics)
    > lyrics
    > lyrics
    De Strangers Dikke Jet (3:11)Listen With Flemmish (Antwerp) lyrics
    > lyrics
    Orchester Volkmar Schmidt Popcorn (2:27)Listen Look
    Revolution System Popcorn (2:28)Listen Look
    The Ales Sigmund Band Popcorn (1:36)Listen Great drum solo
    Thunderbirds Popcorn (2:28)Listen Look
    Hot-Shot Popcorn (2:35)Listen Look
    Byron Lee Popcorn (2:33)Listen Reggae version!
    Mario Cavallero and his orchestra Popcorn (2:22)Listen
    Miguel Ramos Popcorn (3:28)Listen With Hammond organ
    Fresh Cream Popcorn (3:08)Listen Look
    Mat Camison Popcorn Festival (2:31)Listen Look > lyrics

    Jean Michel Jarre (as the Popcorn Orchestra) Popcorn (2:32)Listen Look The Master dares to do a Popcorn.
    Klaus Wunderlich Popcorn / Apache / Corn Flakes (4:47)Listen Popcorn on an organ.
    RKM Popcorn (3:22)Listen
    Max Greger Popcorn (Samba 55) (2:36)Listen Samba version.
    Arthur Fiedler & The Boston Pops Popcorn (2:54)Listen Look Orchestral version. P2P networks might have a 1:11 edit version.
    Fausti Popcorn Essen Ist Gesund (2:22)Listen Look With German lyrics.
    Electric Coconut Popcorn (2:33)Listen
    Katy Bødtger Popcorn (2:35)Listen Look With Danish lyrics.

    James Last Popcorn (2:17)listen

    Denny Morris Popcorn (2:37)listen

    Pattie Brooks Pop Collage Medley (8:52)listen Look Disco medley with Popcorn!

    Ricky King Popcorn (2:49)listen
    Popcorn on guitar

    Ensemble Meshcherina Popcorn (2:36)Listen Nice version of a Russian band.

    Popcycles Popcorn (Vocal) (5:23)listen Look
    Popcorn (Instrumental) (5:41)listen
    The instrumental has alien voices in it, the vocal version is completely instrumental.

    Magic Men Popcorn (6:22)listen
    Popcorn (dub version) (4:46)listen
    Popcorn meets Funky Town

    M & H band Popcorn (radio mix) (3:59)listen Look
    Popcorn (butter mix) (6:52)listen
    Popcorn (Jiffy Corn Mix) (6:10)listen
    Popcorn (Remix Version Special DJ) (6:59)listen
    Popcorn (Swedish Remix) (5:35)listen
    Sometimes credited as Kraftwerk or Jean Michel Jarre on the P2P networks

    TIC Popcorn (TIC remix) (4:36)listen Look
    Popcorn (Woodstock mix) (3:18)listen Some nice guitar improvisation on this

    Pophouse Popcorn (3:36)listen Look Overload of sampling

    Guru Josh Popcorn (4:07)listen Crazy guy does a nice popcorn, although it tends to get a bit boring
    Ed Starink (Star Inc) Popcorn (4:00)listen Look Surprisingly good version, buids up very nice.
    Techno Talk Popcorn (Single Edit) (3:54)listen Look
    Popcorn (Dub Version) (5:23)listen
    Popcorn (Extended Version) (5:51)listen Popcorn with a hint of "Pump Up The Jam".
    P.C. Dee Popcorn (Houser Version) (6:57)listen Generic 90s mix.
    Coba Popcorn (6:11)listen Look
    Popcorn (Radio Version) (3:19)listen Identical to the Rimini Vibe Project versions (mp3 link to the rimini versions)
    Micro-Waves Popcorn (3:42)listen Look

    Galaxy Sound Orchestra Popcorn (2:30)listen Surprisingly true to the original (song comes from Synthesizer hits vol. 2)

    Break Up! Popcorn (Sweet Corn radio mix 1) (3:06)listen Look
    Popcorn (Sweet Corn radio mix 2) (3:06)listen
    Popcorn (Acid Corn) (6:04)listen Very notable Yazz & the Plastic Population infuence
    Aphex Twin/Caustic Window Popcorn (3:26)listen
    Zaadnoordijk Popcorn (3:07)listen Lame Dutch Star Inc clone makes even lamer version. It's not even correctly played.
    Slotmachine feat. Gemini 7 Popcorn (radio mix) (3:25)listen Look
    Popcorn (techno mix) (5:59)listen
    Popcorn (short techno cut) (3:19)listen Decent, the techno mix is a Das Boot vs. Popcorn (a robotvoice saying Popcorn, James Brown, Techno)
    Biocip C Popcorn (Radio Edit) (3:56)listen Look
    Popcorn (Maximix) (5:32)listen
    Popcorn (Piano Dub) (5:26)listen
    K-Sonic Pop Corn (149 BPM Mix) (4:55)listen Look
    Pop Corn (154 BPM Mix) (4:39)listen

    Luminatus Popcorn (4:11)listen Look
    Popcorn (Hyper Calory Mix) (5:57)listen
    The Time Frequency Popcorn (4:22)listen
    resembles the Guru Josh version a bit
    Denki Groove Popcorn (4:38)listen
    Popcorn (Single mix) (5:19)listen

    Dance Techno Fish Popcorn (3:26)listen Look
    Lupeelou Popcorn (Air Mix) (3:04)listen Look
    Popcorn (Floor Mix) (4:57)listen
    Whiteheads Popcorn (Sweet Version) (3:39)listen Look
    Popcorn (Salt Version) (5:42)listen
    Paco Clavel Palomitas de Maiz (3:25)listen > lyrics
    Dr. No Popcorn (Straight To The Top Mix) (4:35)listen Look
    Popcorn (London Underground Mix) (6:30)listen
    Popcorn (Trance Mix) (5:58)listen Very different mixes
    Killercorn Popcorn (Killercorn) (4:43)listen Popcorn (Junglecorn) (4:12)listen
    Popcorn (Spacecorn) (6:37)listen

    Bounce Popcorn (Original Mix) (3:54)listen Look
    Popcorn (Clock'Short Stab Mix) (3:23)listen Very similar to the 1996 Outer Rhythm versions
    The Short Stab Mix is sometimes credited as Safri Duo
    Treble Spankers Popcorn (2:16)listen Surf version
    Phantomas Popcorn (Radio Version) (3:29)listen Look
    Popcorn (Radio Remix) (3:45)listen
    Popcorn (Club Mix) (5:14)listen
    Popcorn (Club Remix) (5:40)listen
    Popcorn (Extended Mix) (4:08)listen
    Shadowy Men On A Shadowy Planet Popcorn (2:38)listen Another Surf version

    Outer Rhythm Popcorn (VIP Syndicate Popped In Clubbed Out House Mix) (9:45)listen Look
    Popcorn (Clock' Ten To Two Extended Club Mix) (4:59)listen
    Popcorn (Clock' Remix Radio Edit) (3:22)listen
    Popcorn (Poppin' Around) (6:18)listen
    Popcorn (Tekno Mix) (4:49)listen
    Popcorn (DJ Scott Bay City Club Mix) (6:06)listen As said before, similar to Bounce's versions
    Quarex of KFMF Unpopped Colonels (3:02)listen
    Vibes & Wishdokta Popcorn (3:50)listen not so charming gabber version
    Bug 96 Popcorn (Radio Edit) (3:12)listen Look
    Popcorn (Elevator Mix) (3:04)listen
    Popcorn (Original Arrangement) (2:34)listen

    DJ. Bell Popcorn (radio edit) (3:06)listen Look
    Popcorn (salt mix) (5:31)listen with vocals
    > lyrics
    DJ. Mystik Popcorn (4:44)listen with vocals, cover of DJ Bell version
    Shape Dance Popcorn Radio Edit (3:16)listen Look
    Popcorn Oldstyle Radio Edit (3:01)listen
    Popcorn Club Mix (4:05)listen
    Popcorn Remix version (3:09)listen Released on a shaped CD
    Spiffy Popcorn Radio Edit (3:35)listen Look
    Popcorn Sweet Club Mix (5:03)listen
    Popcorn Salted Remix (6:50)listen Radio Edit is sometimes credited as Galaxee
    S. Bombazzo Popcorn Single Version (3:26)listen Look
    Popcorn Maxi Version (5:11)listen
    Popcorn Hardcore Mix (4:58)listen
    Koruption Popcorn (7" Mix) (3:41)listen Look
    Popcorn (Andy's Greek Goddess Mix) (5:53)listen
    Popcorn (Diana's Hysterical Mix) (6:22)listen
    Popcorn ("J" Up Yours Mix) (4:16)listen
    Cosmo & Tom Popcorn Radio Edit (3:39)listen Look
    Popcorn Club Mix (5:46)listen
    Popcorn Donuts Mix (5:29)listen
    Pugs Popcorn (2:38)listen Look Japanese punk version
    Homunkulus Popcorn (1:03)listen Here you can download the original
    Eric v/d Broek Popcorn (5:00)listen
    Franz Lambert Popcorn (1:45)listen

    Essem & Aitch Popcorn (3:31)listen Sometimes credited as Prodigy on the P2P networks
    Risico Popcorn (Radio Mix) (3:27)listen Look
    Popcorn (Club Mix) (5:56)listen
    Popcorn (Acid Mix) (4:16)listen

    Ottomix Popcorn (5:10)listen
    Chaos Creators ft. Etromic Popcorn Remixed (3:59)listen
    NOVROB Popcorn (4:06)listen Sowewhat forgettable
    Glyth Pop Corn (3:16)listen Look Odd sounds
    Tokyo Kosei Wind Orchestra Pop Corn (3:24)listen Great orchestration
    Ilogica Popcorn (5:20)listen

    Boomtang Boys Popcorn Microwave Mix (5:19)listen Look
    Popcorn Microwave Mix Edit (3:39)listen
    Popcorn Like Butta Mix (5:24)listen
    Popcorn Like Butta Mix Edit (3:21)listen
    DJ Wezzler Wezzling Popcorn (4:02)listen
    Troubledot Popcorn (3:09)listen
    Cab City Combo Indiancorn (2:00)listen Probably the strangest version of Popcorn - sung by indans!
    > lyrics
    S.V.S. Nu Pogody (Popcorn) (2:28)listen download the mp3
    Binaerpilot Popcorn (bambam 8bit mix) (2:28)listen download the mp3
    Space Penguins The Elektrofunk (Atlantis Radio Edit) (2:57)listen Look
    The Elektrofunk (Dino's Radio Edit) (3:39)listen
    The Elektrofunk (Atlantis Remix) (6:12)listen
    The Elektrofunk (Ping Pong P.P.Penguin Mix) (4:55)listen
    The Elektrofunk (Claudio Coccoluto Mix) (7:25)listen
    The Elektrofunk (Loop Da Loop's Hardstep Funk Mix) (5:18)listen

    Tuman Popcorn (3:37)listen
    iNSAiN Popcorn (5:21)listen
    Popcorn Edit (3:17)listen
    Robert Papp Popcorn (3:37)listen Inspired by the M&H band

    Gershon Kingsley Popcorn (3:56)listen From the "At Home With The Groovebox" compilation album
    Richi M Popcorn (3:34)listen Look
    Popcorn (2PNS SmirMix) (5:33)listen Popcorn (Beatbox remix) (6:00)listen
    Popcorn (Richi's Club Mix) (7:26)listen
    Spacecorn Popcorn (6:48)listen
    Popcorn (DJ Drav Edit) (5:57)listen
    Red Star Fly (Medley with Popcorn) (6:21)listen
    Epo vs. Project House Punk! Popcorn (EPO Radio Cut) (3:24)listen Look
    Popcorn (DJ Tomcraft Remix) (6:35)listen
    Popcorn (EPO Melo Mix) (6:00)listen
    Popcorn (Axel Konrad Mix) (5:52)listen
    Popcorn (S. Ercolino edit) (3:36)listen
    Popcorn (S. Ercolino Mix) (6:21)listen
    Popcorn (Project House Punk! Mix) (7:18)listen
    David And The High Spirit Popcorn (4:42)listen
    Bim Skala Bim Popcorn (2:52)listen Ska version of Popcorn!
    L.P.G. Popcorn (3:31)listen
    DJ D-Mind Popcorn (Lunatik dance remix) (3:55)listen

    Magic Finger Project Popcorn (3:41)listen
    Blue Dragon Popcorn (1:29)listen
    The Marimba Band of Fairfax High School Popcorn (2:14)listen Popcorn on marimbas
    Vision Factory Popcorn (2001 Trance Mix) (4:08)listen
    Dangerous Crew Popcorn (Sweet) (4:16)listen
    Popcorn (Sweet Instrumental) (4:42)listen
    Popcorn (Salted Acapella) (3:47)listen Rap version
    Trios corpo di Bacco Popcorn (1:00)listen
    German folk trio plays Popcorn. This short snippet was on their website, but it is closed now. I am still looking for their CD.

    Ben H Popcorn (2:17)listen
    Digital Little Boy Popcorn (Radio Edit) (3:30)listen Look
    Popcorn (Remix Club) (3:23)listen
    Toysoldiers Popcorn (long version)(6:04)listen Look
    Popcorn (3:50)listen
    Unter Null Popcorn (3:36)listen
    Edward Simoni Popcorn (2:59)listen With pan flute. Sounds a lot like the Shape Dance versions
    Psychophaze Popcorn (4:38)listen Chaotic
    FXDaddy Popcorn (revealing 5 mix) (3:03)listen
    Mutagen Popcorn (1:02)listen Rock version
    Tokio Tokio (4:13)listen
    Mister Energy Popcorn 2002 (5:55)listen Very enjoyable version
    DJ DSL Happy Bear (7:54)listen Chill out music with a sample playing the Popcorn melody.
    Nez Ethnic Senthetic (4:37)listen Great semi-instrumental version.
    Chris Philips Popcorn (3:11)listen Popcorn for kids.

    Gi Gi D'Agostino Pop corn (5:24)listen
    Pop corn (Promo mix) (3:11)listen
    ToLeK Popcorn 2oo3 (4:12)listen Here you can download the original
    DJ Shaolin Popcorn (4:50)listen Fatty sounds for bass, melody is a bit thin.
    Fiddler's Green Popcorn (3:42)listen Look Metalfolk version.
    > lyrics
    DJ Alexir Popcorn 2003 (4:38)listen
    Hyperavers Popcorn (6:09)listen
    Monsters From Mars Popcorn (1:37)listen Fast surf version
    Desert Planet Popcorn (3:06)listen Based on the Pengo game version
    Locus Popcorn (2:29)listen From the Peel sessions
    Rezidents Popcorn (2:26)listen used as live track in 2004
    R-Min Popcorn 2003 (extended trance mix) (7:31)listen Lengthy trace mix
    The Pumpers Popcorn (8:07)listen
    Vincent Malone Popcorn (1:36)listen Odd trumpet version
    Estrayk Popcorn (2:27)listen
    DJ Techsta Popcorn (4:02)listen Here you can find the full mp3.
    Mr. Steel Popcorn radio edit (3:27)listen Look
    Popcorn radio edit (3:27)listen With steeldrums!

    The Rezidents Popcorn (3:55)listen
    DJ Voyager Popcorn 2004 (3:29)listen Sometimes credited as Aphex Twin on P2P networks
    Marsheaux Popcorn (4:14)listen
    Cadders Popcornlisten Look
    Rimini Vibe Project Popcorn (long dancehall mix) (6:11)listen Look
    Popcorn (rimini radio edit) (3:06)listen Identical to Coba versions
    Lothario Popcorn (Lothario's Overdrive) (4:53)listen Here you can download the original
    Prosper Popcorn (7:19)listen
    DJ Montana Popcorn (3:48)listen
    Didier Friso Popcorn King (3:02)listen > lyrics
    DJ Nilo Popcorn 2004 (6:40)listen
    DJ Pixel Popcorn (4:04)listen
    Holymen Popcorn (7:02)listen
    Ole Erling Popcorn (2:38)listen True to the original, with synths and organs
    DJ Techsta Popcorn 2004 (2:35)listen Here you can find the full mp3.
    Rhythm Twins Popcorn (5:43)listen Copy of the Rezidents version

    Herb Alpert & the Tijuana Brass Popcorn (3:45)listen Look A nice latino version. Is recorded much earlier, but released on a compilation in 2005
    Crazy Frog Popcorn (Album version) (3:12)listen Look
    Popcorn (Radio Mix) (2:50)listen
    Popcorn (Radio Mix Instrumental) (2:48)listen
    Popcorn (Potatoheadz Mix) (5:34)listen
    Popcorn (Potatoheadz Instrumental) (5:38)listen
    Popcorn (Radikal Mix) (5:30)listen
    Popcorn (Resource Mix) (5:11)listen
    Popcorn (Xtra Beats) (3:13)listen
    Popcorn (Ultra Club Mix) (6:47)listen
    The instrumentals are not that bad, just your generic popcorn dance version. Avoid the Frog ones
    Ben Folds Popcornlisten Ben Folds improvizing the Popcorn melody on piano with band during his 2005 tour. This audience recording is from The Encore, in April.
    Soundset Popcorn (2:08)listen Short excerpt from a 2005 megamix.
    Verano Popcorn (3:11)listen
    Popcorn (Soulbangers remix) (6:26)listen
    Popcorn (Verano's club mix) (6:26)listen
    Popcorn (Revision 2 single edit) (3:31)listen
    Popcorn (Revision 2) (5:24)listen Skihut version
    Kia Popcorn (6:40)listen
    Popcorn (Almighty Radio Edit) (4:07)listen Enjoyable versions
    Linker Offensivverteidiger Popcorn (5:38)listen Very relaxing and very original
    Eskimo The Popcorn (6:47)listen Lengthy mix
    Head Horny's Popcorn (DJ DBC remix) (6:10)listen
    Messerchups Popcorn (2:18)listen Surf version from Russia.
    View the excellent video here and their website here
    DJ Brox-Bit Popcorn (4:46)listen
    Tom Adams Popcorn (2:38)listen Banjo version
    Madagascar 5 Popcorn (radio edit) (3:21)listen Look
    Popcorn (album version) (5:19)listen
    Popcorn (extended version) (6:48)listen Sounds a bit like Gi Gi D'Augustino
    Circus Popcorn (hsp mix) (3:32)listen
    DJ Jorez & DJ Kiu Popcorn (7:22)listen
    Dominion Salted Popcorn (4:53)listen Somewhat annoying
    L Project Popcorn (Main Mix) (6:43)listen
    Mr. D Popcorn (2:38)listen
    Shadmehr Aghili Popcorn (3:16)listen > Persian lyrics!
    video clip
    DJ Kilian Popcorn 2005 (5:55)listen Breakbeats
    DJ Stek Popcorn (4:32)listen Here you can find the original.
    Ludwich van Beathoven Popcorn (3:05)listen
    Warm Up Popcorn (0:55)listen
    Biggabush Popcorn (4:09)listen Dub version
    Candy Classics Popcorn (2:47)listen
    Victor Zinchuk Vozdushnye khlopya khukhuruzy (4:37)listen

    Klubfiller Popcorn Original Mix (6:28)listen Look
    Popcorn Hit House Remix (6:12)listen
    Hard style house
    DJ Croz Popcorn 2006 (4:36)listen
    Lucky Lexy Popcorn (4:26)listen
    Mr. DeVille Popcorn (4:55)listen
    Messerchups Popcorn 2006 (2:23)listen New version from their latest album "Hyena Safari".
    GlasBlasSing Quintett Popcorn (2:30)listen Popcorn on beer bottles.
    Snippet from the DVD, it has Popcorn at 1:40
    Russel B Popcorn (3:25)listen

    S.I.P. Popcorn (radio edit) (3:28)listen
    Popcorn (club mix) (6:28)listen

    Bernando Bess Orchestra Popcorn (2:33)listen probably from around 1972
    Orchestra di Mario Battaini Popcorn (2:35)listen Mario Battaini made several tango albums, but Popcorn was not on one of them. Probably from around 1972
    I Melodys Popcorn (2:41)listen
    Jam Popcorn (2:32)listen True to the original, but the year is not known
    Gershon Kingsley Popcorn International (0:33)listen This excerpt, which can be found on Mr. Kingsley's original website, is part of a composition called Popcorn International. It is not know if it was ever released officially, and it is not known when this is played.
    Matthew Doucette Popcorn Remix (2:10)listen Decent home-made version, release date unknown.
    Ham Jammer Popcorn (3:14)listen
    The New Dreamers Popcorn (2:40)listen Nice arrangement
    Horny Hippos Popcorn (2:25)listen As with Ham Jammer, quite well known, but no release date.
    Unknown Popcorn (2:27)listen Everything is unknown about this version: year and artist
    ametzelchen gefällt das.
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    also ich würd sagen es ist Jean Michel Jarre !
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    Klingt auf jeden fall zieeeeemlich gleich, jup …
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    das ist "popcorn" von hot butter - von wem denn sonst ;)
    das war ein nr. 1 hit.

    liebe grüße

    p.s. @Zentrierdorn als dieser titel rauskam, lief jean michel jarré noch mit der trommel um den weihnachtsbaum ...
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