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panic kernel and no RAM

Dieses Thema im Forum "Mobil-Macs" wurde erstellt von alessandra, 05.02.06.

  1. alessandra

    alessandra Gast

    hi there everybody... here I am again :)
    do you remember the kernel panic from Italy?
    so... I found the original disks and I did the hardware test... result: problem with memory... what kind? post/0/2048, then I try to find something about it... and it seems a memory problem, something like "I have a slot less"... in fact it was like this:
    Originaly I had 512Mb, now my sweet Ibook says that I have only 256Mb...
    I tryied to remove the removable slot and I get 3bips... no memory at all.
    so, is the unremovable slot that is damaged, isnt it?
    and now?
    I really dont know what to do... my assistence expired 2 months ago, and I really need this machine working!
    the only thing I remember is that before the first panic kernel I changed my keyboard (beacuse it has some problem too and apple sent me a new one)... is it possible that I burned the ram?

    if somebody has some ideas or same problem, please answer me!
    (I am goign to get graduate in april and I really cant stay without a computer, I feel so unlucky...:(
    many thanks
  2. daveinitiv

    daveinitiv Wilstedter Apfel

    Dabei seit:
    It seems, that your internal RAM Slot is defect. All you can do is contact Apple or your local Apple Service Provider to check if Apple puts a CS Code on the Book. It means, that you wil have a cost free repair.
  3. alessandra

    alessandra Gast

    I hope it will work... tomorrow I will call the assistence service... I saw around, it seems a quite "normal" RAM defect... bah, I am hopeless!
    thanks a lot
  4. chsz87

    chsz87 Weisser Rosenapfel

    Dabei seit:
    Did it work? Can they fix it?


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