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GarageSale 2.4 erschienen

Dieses Thema im Forum "Andere Software" wurde erstellt von marcozingel, 28.07.06.

  1. marcozingel

    marcozingel Brauner Matapfel

    Dabei seit:
    Ist soeben erschienen.


    GarageSale Read Me:

    About GarageSale

    GarageSale is a client application for the eBay online auction system. It allows Mac OS X users to create auctions quickly using an intuitive mac-like interface, integrates with iPhoto and offers WYSIWYG text editing.

    The current version of GarageSale supports theses eBay sites:

    eBay USA, eBay Motors, eBay Germany, eBay UK, eBay Canada, eBay Australia, eBay Austria, eBay Switzerland, eBay France, eBay Italy, eBay Netherlands, eBay Spain, eBay Belgium (NL + FR), eBay Ireland

    Here is a quick summary of GarageSales features:

    • GarageSale has been certified by eBay for use with its online auction system. That means that GarageSale is accessing the eBay system through a well-defined, stable and reliable interface.

    • Use GarageSales intuitive and mac-like interface to create auctions conveniently. That means no more waiting on eBays webserver to guide you trough to serveral pages step by step.

    • Access your iPhoto library directly from within GarageSale instead of exporting each picture from iPhoto and uploading it separatly.

    • Preview your auctions in GarageSale

    • Upload Images to your own web server (via FTP or WebDav) or to your .Mac account

    • Even when disconnected or away from the internet you can create auctions in GarageSale and upload them when your are back online. Great when your connection is time-billed or when you are on a longer trip.

    • Use GarageSales integrated web browser to review your auctions after you started them.

    • Export your auction templates and share them with fellow GarageSale users.

    What's new in GarageSale 2.4

    - can send messages to buyers through eBay's message system
    - can send messages to buyers via Microsoft Entourage
    - supports Growl (http://growl.info) notifications
    - improved visual representation of selected gallery image
    - refined apperance of image overview mode
    - design templates can be disabled in Design Template Manager window
    - added support for eBay Singapore
    - imports eLister files
    - fixed issue where not all found items from eBay's product catalog were displayed
    - stock photos from eBay's product catalog can be used as gallery images
    - users can choose whether to include stock photos from eBay's product catalog in listings or not
    - added AppleScript menu to menu for easier script access
    - auctions can now be accessed via AppleScript
    - added 'payment instructions' property to AppleScript dictionary
    - added 'SKU' property to AppleScript dictionary
    - includes 'SKU' field to when exporting auction data
    - adds SKU based item search
    - added 'ZIP code' preference to Preferences and Intro Panel
    - eBay warnings received during item verifcation are now passed on to the user
    - added seller locations Taiwan, Thailand, South Korea, and North Korea
    - stability improvements
    - updated to latest eBay API version

    Integration with ClearVista's SureShip shipping service

    SureShip is a very simple shipping solution that saves you time and money when shipping with multiple US-based delivery carriers. Features include free shipping insurance, shipping discounts, comparison of shipping rates, shipping alerts, printing of shipping labels, and other money saving features (see http://www.iwascoding.com/GarageSale/SureShip/)

    For now, GarageSale supports creating shipping labels for the US Postal Services (Parcel Post, Priority Mail, Express Mail, Global
    Express Mail, Media Mail, First Class).

    To create a shipping label, go the 'Transactions' section of a completed auction, select the buyer you are shipping your item to
    and click the 'Ship' button.

    GarageSale users can sign up for this service from the 'Shipping' section of the Preferences panel. The first 30 days of membership are free, afterwards SureShip is US $19.95. A PayPal account is required for completing the sign-up process.

    Pricing Information

    The single user license fo GarageSale is available for U$ 24.99*. A family license, that allows the installation of GarageSale on up to 5 computers in your household, is available for U$ 44.99*. Licenses can be obtained from inside GarageSale using its built-in registration module or at our online webshop (<https://order.kagi.com/?3W9>) provided by Kagi, Inc.

    * Additional tax (VAT) may apply depending on buyers location.

    The unlicensed version of GarageSale will upload 3 auctions to eBay.

    System Requirements

    GarageSale requires Mac OS X 10.3.9 or later.

    Contact Information

    If you need personal support or have questions concerning GarageSale don't hesitate to contact us at garagesale@iwascoding.com.

    If you think your question may be of interest for other GarageSale users, too, please consider posting it on the GarageSale mailing list at: <http://groups.yahoo.com/group/GarageSale_Users>

    iwascoding GmbH
    Weserstr. 18
    10247 Berlin
  2. Azraiel

    Azraiel Kaiser Wilhelm

    Dabei seit:
    Hallo. Ich habe mir kürzlich GarageSale gekauft und bin auch sehr zufrieden damit.
    Ich habe die Lizenz direkt online per Creditcard bezahlt. Die Version ist auch freigeschaltet. Allerdings habe ich keine Nummer. Kann mir jemand nen Tipp geben, wo ich den Lizenzschlüssel finden kann? Oder finde ich den auf der nächsten Abrechnung meiner Kreditkarte?

  3. CamBridge

    CamBridge Adams Apfel

    Dabei seit:

    normalerweise bekommst Du eine E-Mail von kagi.com, über die der Onlineverlauf ja abgewickelt wird. Da stehen alle wichtigen Daten über den Kauf inkl. des Lizenzschlüssels drin.

  4. abstarter

    abstarter Spätblühender Taffetapfe

    Dabei seit:
  5. Azraiel

    Azraiel Kaiser Wilhelm

    Dabei seit:
    hab mir die Seriennummer erneut zuschicken lassen. Hat ohne
    Probleme funktioniert.


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